EXCLUSIVE India is cooler than how it’s shown in films: DJ Martin Garrix

Courtesy : The Indian Express

Popular musician DJ Martin Garrix cannot stop raving about India. The 21-year-old loves performing in the country, and rang in the new year here. Martin appreciates Bollywood music, and thinks there is nothing that sounds quite like it.

Moments before a performance, artistes, it is believed, choose to be in solitude, to relax, calm down the restlessness and focus their energies towards the action that’s going to take over on the stage. But 21-year-old Martin Garrix, one of the youngest achievers in the field of music, globally, loves to talk, from something as basic as his own music to the downside of being famous at such an early age. “It is a way to distract and relax. So, I like it,” the Dutch musician gleefully replied when asked if media interactions minutes before or after a performance irritate him.

“I love talking anyway so it is not a problem for me. The only thing is if I am sweaty after a show, I don’t like taking photographs,” he continued, his answer also a mark of the innocent, young guy behind the super successful DJ. On the sidelines of the maiden edition of TimeOut 72, a multi-genre music festival, which marked his fourth visit to India, Garrix spoke about his love for the country, dealing with fame and why he would not want to go back to the life of anonymity.